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Memorial Day 2021 - Pins & IMO Signs

The CPP outreach group met at the home of Mrs. Edie Potter,
surviving spouse of Vietnam War veteran, Pat Potter. Edie is joined by her family,
church group friends and neighbors with the IMO sign following her pinning ceremony.  


This gallery presents photographs taken by Carl Bradley, Faith in a Flash Photography, contracted by the EC-47 History Site Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program (CPP) committee to record their outreach to the San Angelo community on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021. The CPP group included JJ Graham, president of the Heritage Chapter-Freedom through Vigilance Association, Larry & Pat Miller, and Tom & Kitty Nurre, also members of the Heritage Chapter. Tom is the EC-47 History Site CPP outreach coordinator while Larry is the chapter special events coordinator. Carl Bradley and his wife, Sandra, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by "working" together to take these photos. Captions are provided with the thumbnail index pictures as best possible. 

The American Legion Post 572 developed In Memory Of (IMO) signs in tribute to deceased military veterans of all wars. These 18 x 24-inch all-weather signs made from corrugated plastic (campaign yard signs) were placed throughout the Riverside Golf Course during the Memorial Day weekend tournament on Saturday and Sunday. The signs represented in this gallery were retrieved from the golf course and presented to individual surviving spouses or immediate family members in a prearranged convoy from home to home on Monday, Memorial Day 2021. Immediately after presenting the IMO signs, Vietnam War and All Wars surviving spouse lapel pins, Certificates, and Poppy flowers were also presented. A number of the surviving spouses had already received the lapel pin and Certificate at previous ceremonies. 

This was a first in the use of the IMO signs...and a first outreach using the "motorcade" idea from home to home. Plans are afoot to conduct another outreach with signs and pins on or about the July 4th weekend. Please contact the CPP coordinator via email ([email protected]) if you are interested in participating or would like to purchase an IMO sign for your personal use in honoring both living and deceased veterans. 

Enjoy viewing and using these photos...but remember - The photographer and website manager grant permission to download and use these images for personal use only. Users may not edit or change digital files with filters or any software without written permission from the photographer and website manager. This permission applies worldwide.  The photographer retains the copyright to all images. Please credit Faith in a Flash Photography and The EC-47 History Site CPP when downloading or referencing these images for your personal use. 

  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-1
    Mrs. Ann Lipp Kelton coming outdoors with her Visiting Angels caregiver, Mirna Luna, greets Tom Nurre at 11:00 am on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-2
    Mirna Luna, Ann Kelton, her daughter, Kathy Kelton, and Tom Nurre prepare to start a Memorial Day tribute to Mrs. Kelton and her deceased husband, WWII veteran Elmer Kelton.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-6
    L-R: Tom Nurre, Mrs. Ann Kelton, Kathy Kelton, Mirna Luna and  Larry & Pat Miller prepare to start the In Memory Of sign presentation ceremony.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-7
    Heritage Chapter-Freedom Through Vigilance Association special events coordinator, Larry Miller and his wife, Pat Miller, present the PFC Elmer Kelton In Memory Of sign.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-8
    Mirna Luna is a caregiver for Mrs. Kelton. Mirna works for the Visiting Angels which is a Living Assistance Services organization in San Angelo, Texas.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-9
    Tom Nurre provided last-minute comments to start the presentation program with Ann and Kathy Kelton listening intently.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-11
    Kitty Nurre stands in watchful tribute to the Kelton family ceremony.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-16
    Larry Miller presents the Elmer Kelton IMO sign. This sign had been displayed at the Riverside Golf Course during the weekend American Legion Memorial Day golf tournament.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-19
    Lary Miller plants the IMO sign in the Kelton front lawn.
  • Memorial Day Yard Signs WEB, 31 May 2021-22
    Larry Miller reads the CPP Certificate of Appreciation to Mrs. Ann Kelton and Pat Miller stands ready to present the special All Wars surviving spouse lapel pin.
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