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Vietnam 50th CPP - Homepage

The EC-47 History Site Commemorative Partner Program administrators in San Angelo, Texas, have continued to mail-out Vietnam Veteran and Deceased Vietnam Veteran Surviving Spouse (DVVSS) lapel pins and certificates. 

Recipients who recently participated in our on-line registry and mail-out program are showcased in the slideshow above. Click on the individual pictures in the slideshow for more information about each individual, or click HERE for coverage of all the recipients in a single multi-page .pdf document. 

Information about obtaining a Vietnam veteran lapel pin is available on the national website, or scroll above to the RSVP & Registrations dropdown menu and submit a registration form for the Veteran Lapel Pin or individual Certificate of Honor pin mail-out program administered by the EC-47 History Site CPP. 

On 3 Aug 2020, Maj Gen Peter M. Aylward, U.S. Army (Retired) was appointed as the new director of the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration. Click the SITREP Issue 6 thumbnail below to view the latest information about the new director.  

National POW/MIA Recognition Day - 3rd Friday in September 

National POW/MIA Recognition Day is celebrated this year on September 18th. Click on SITREP Issue 7 or the national poster images below for more information. 

Read the Geospatial-Intelligence Agency letter outlining their support to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency.