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The nearly 1,000 pavers in the EC-47 Memorial Plaza pay tribute to veterans of all services and periods of service. Among the more than 450 bronze plates already purchased are thirty-six that memorialize those EC-47 crew members who lost their lives during the Vietnam War. These In Memory Of pavers were purchased through a generous outpouring of contributions from former EC-47 aircrew veterans and their families. They also donated enough to purchase additional In Memory Of pavers honoring veterans of the EC-47 program that have passed on since the end of the war. We will continue to use your donations to fund these In Memory Of pavers for those veterans whose names and services are brought to our attention. Your donations may also be used to help pay for printing and mailing costs associated with the EC-47 History Site Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program (CPP) outreach programs. 

This Donate feature connects with the secure PayPal account managed by the Heritage Chapter - Freedom Through Vigilance Association. You do not need to have a PayPal account...click on the DONATE icon below to link directly to PayPal and the option to use your personal/business credit card for your donation transaction. The Heritage Chapter manages the EC-47 Memorial Plaza project and is organized under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (19) which provides an exemption from federal income tax that was approved by a letter from the District Director, Internal Revenue Service, Dallas, Texas, dated 17 February 1984. 

Thank you for your generous contributions.