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Doggers FOSP 2022

The annual Fall of Saigon Party was held from April 27th thru April 30th, 2022 in San Angelo, TX. As in the past, the Vietnamese linguists (Doggers) took the lead in planning and executing the annual Fall of Saigon Party (FOSP). This year they had help from some of the local San Angelo Chinese linguists.

Everyone was welcome to attend with a special invitation to Chinese Linguists since they sat beside the Doggers on most flights and in most ground stations during Vietnam. There are even at least six ChiLings who earned DFCs flying in and around Vietnam. It is estimated that 27% of the “This is no shit” stories from USAFSS operations in the Vietnam era are attributed to ChiLings. Therefore, all Chinese Linguists who participated in Vietnam were strongly encouraged to attend, and all other Chinese Linguists were also invited and welcomed with open arms. The Doggers rightfully use the FOSP as a reunion, and for the lack of anything better and easier, it was a time for a ChiLing reunion as well.

FOSP 2022 was a 4-day party from Wednesday, April 27th thru Saturday, April 30th (checking out on Sunday). They congregated at and operated from the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel on S. Jackson Street (just off Knickerbocker Road). 
FOSP activities included a base tour that included the DoD Fire School and a memorial service at the EC-47 display and Weyandt-Eddy Memorial Plaza. There was also a golf outing, a BBQ at Lake Nasworthy, a tour and lunch downtown, and dinner at the River View restaurant. Dinner included a Vietnam War Commemoration pinning ceremony and auction of donated items. It was a grand affair. Click HERE to read the Vietnam War Commemoration After-Action Report prepared by Larry Miller and submitted through the EC-47 History Site CPP online portal.  
The following photographs were provided by the 17th Training Wing Public Affairs Office and the Heritage Chapter-Freedom Through Vigilance Association. USAF Senior Airman Abbey Rieves too the first 17 photos in this series. The next 91 pictures were taken by Wayne Bascom.  These are official USAF photographs and Heritage Chapter pictures now in the public domain. There is no charge to download and use these photographs. Please credit this source when downloading, printing, and/or copying these photographs for personal use only.   
  • 220428-F-DX569-1009
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1030
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1038
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1043
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1055
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1061
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1068
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1101
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1114
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1133
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1146
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1160
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1164
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1167
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1169
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1173
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • 220428-F-DX569-1181
    17TRW/PA Rieves
  • FOSP Breakfast 01
    Begin Heritage Chapter Photos
    By Wayne Bascom
    Reduced size for website compatibility
  • FOSP Breakfast 02
  • FOSP Breakfast 03
  • FOSP Dinner 01
  • FOSP Dinner 02
  • FOSP Dinner 03
  • FOSP Dinner 04
  • FOSP Dinner 05
  • FOSP Dinner 06
  • FOSP Dinner 07
  • FOSP Dinner 08
  • FOSP Dinner 09
  • FOSP Dinner 10
  • FOSP Dinner 11
  • FOSP Dinner 12
  • FOSP Dinner 13
  • FOSP Dinner 14
  • FOSP Dinner 15
  • FOSP Dinner 16
  • FOSP Dinner 17
  • FOSP Dinner 18
  • FOSP Dinner 19
  • FOSP Dinner 20
  • FOSP Dinner 21
  • FOSP Dinner 22
  • FOSP Dinner 23
  • FOSP Dinner 56
  • FOSP Dinner 24
  • FOSP Dinner 25
  • FOSP Dinner 26
  • FOSP Dinner 27
  • FOSP Dinner 28
  • FOSP Dinner 29