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July 4 Certificates - Signs & Pins Motorcade

July 4, 2021: The first In Memory Of sign delivered by the EC-47 History Site CPP committee Independence Day motorcade was presented to Mrs. Dee Osteen (3rd from right) in San Angelo, Texas. Mrs. Osteen is the surviving spouse of Vietnam War veteran William Richard Osteen who passed away on August 1, 2016. She was presented the Vietnam War Commemoration deceased Vietnam veteran surviving spouse (DVVSS) Blue Star lapel pin and Certificate of Honor during a ceremony at Fort Concho when The Wall That Heals was on display in November 2017. The In Memory Of sign being presented to Mrs. Osteen is a tribute to her deceased husband's 20 years of military service. Photo by Carl Bradley, Faith in a Flash Photography. 

The San Angelo American Legion, Post 572, developed the In Memory Of yard sign design to pay tribute to select deceased military veterans during the Post Memorial Day weekend golf tournament on May 29-30, 2021. (See related photo galleries on this website.) The IMO signs have become very popular and the EC-47 History Site Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program (CPP) committee has continued to produce these signs and deliver them to veterans and their families on special occasions. The photos in this gallery represent IMO signs and Vietnam War Commemoration lapel pin and Certificate of Honor presentations on July 4, 2021. CPP committee members traveled by motorcade to individual homes to make the presentations personally. Photo captions will be added as soon as possible. 

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  • 4th July Vet Yard Signs WEB, 4 July 2021-4
    Dee Osteen
  • 4th July Vet Yard Signs WEB, 4 July 2021-5
    L-R: Tom Nurre, Tony Massaro and Dee Osteen
  • 4th July Vet Yard Signs WEB, 4 July 2021-7
    L-R: Carl Frentz, Tom Nurre, Dee Osteen
  • 4th July Vet Yard Signs WEB, 4 July 2021-8
    L-R: Tom Nurre, Dee Osteen, Carl Frentz and Larry Miller
  • 4th July Vet Yard Signs WEB, 4 July 2021-9
    L-R: Dee Osteen, Kitty & Tom Nurre and JJ Graham
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