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CPP Outreach - Old Glory Chapter NSDAR

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50th Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program Committee
National Outreach Program

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Old Glory Chapter 

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Franklin, Tennessee

Photos courtesy of Vietnam War USAF Combat Photographer, Author
and EC-47 History Site representative, William Van der Ven. 


  • Old Glory Invitation - 2018
  • (L-R) Lisa Kenney, Old Glory Chapter-NSDAR Veterans Services Chairperson and her parents, James Thomas Baker, US Navy/US Air Guard (Ret) & Betty Baker, also a DAR member. Ms. Kenney graciously included the EC-47 History Site registered Gold Star daughter Candice Sweet Thomas Vaughn in their Veterans Day ceremony.
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  • IMG 1027(1)
    Inside the building main hallway - window opens to the room where the ceremony took place. First graders made the banner on the front of the check in table and the Welcome Home poster...with the help of their art teacher.
  • IMG 1028(1)
    One of at least four such bouquets that graced the tables where the food and other information were nicely organized.
  • IMG 1029
    This sign was made by room mothers of a first grade class whose grandfather was honored...and whose teacher is an Old Glory DAR member.
  • IMG 1032
    Boxes of Kleenex for every other row just in case; a very nice touch. Yes they were used!
  • IMG 1033
    United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration materials (brochures, pins, stickers) provided to Commemorative Partner Program organizations like the Old Glory Chapter for presentation to veterans, family members and guests.
  • IMG 1036
    (L-R) DAR members Loretta Kuss & Christi Malone. Elegant and very well informed.
  • IMG 1037
    The Old Glory Chapter DAR proudly displays their Commemoration Partner Program Certificate along with commemorative stickers and tin pins provided by the Commemoration for veterans and their family members and guests.
  • IMG 1042(1)
    Vietnam War Commemoration In Memory Of lapel pin and Certificate of Honor presented to Candice Sweet Thomas Vaughn (Gold Star Daughter) during the ceremony. Candice is the daughter of USA Sergeant Larry Sweet who was killed in action on September 14, 1969.
  • IMG 1043
    50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemorative Lapel Pin presented to all eligible attending veterans.
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  • IMG 1051
  • IMG 1052
    Proud Veteran  H. Gary Clarke II with his newly pinned "badge of honor" and his equally proud spouse and DAR member, Dottie Clarke.
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  • IMG 1062
    Janice Campbell-Balch and a state flag that her husband flew over Binh Thuy as part of the Navy's Helicopter Light Attack Squadron 3 (HAL 3) from August 1969 through August 1970. Charles Balch received his pin at the commemoration.
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    (L-R) Gold Star families - Peay sisters and Candice Sweet Thomas Vaughan. Candice is the Gold Star daughter of Sgt Larry Sweet.
  • IMG 1086
    (L-R) Linda Yates, (Lebanon Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America) Abbie Peay Glover, Phoebe Peay Davis, Lula Peay Sullivan, (Gold Star sisters of James Peay) and Virginia Dawson (Yates friend) pose for a group photo during the Franklin Old Glory Chapter DAR Veterans Day event on November 8, 2018. US Army SP4 James E. Peay was killed in action, January 7, 1968.
  • IMG 1059(1)
    The Franklin High School Junior ROTC Color Guard. Their Aerospace Science Instructor is Command Sergeant Major (R) Daniel R. Moore.
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  • IMG 1098
    LTC Paul Witkowski, BDE Commander at Fort Campbell, delivered the key address.
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    Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson (right) is a Vietnam War veteran who received his commemorative lapel pin...and then pinned other veterans on behalf of a grateful nation and Williamson County.
  • IMG 1132
    (L-R) Veteran Sterling Cramer is presented a Vietnam War Commemorative Veterans lapel pin by a member of the Old Glory Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • IMG 1134
    (L) Veteran Phillip R. Budd after receiving a commemorative lapel pin. His wife, Charlene, also an Air Force Veteran was also presented a lapel pin during the ceremony.
  • IMG 1135(1)
    (L-R) Veteran John Farrish, US Army, being pinned by DAR Regent Anna Shaffer.
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  • IMG 1139
    (Facing) Gary Housley, US Army, accepts a packet of information after receiving the Vietnam Veterans commemorative lapel pin showing on his coat lapel.
  • IMG 1141(1)
    (L) US Army Vietnam veteran Randy Huffman is presented a commemorative lapel pin.
  • IMG 1142(1)
    City of Franklin Mayor Ken Moore (right) is a Vietnam War veteran who received his commemorative lapel pin...and then pinned other veterans on behalf of a grateful nation and the City of Franklin, Tennessee.
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  • IMG 1145
  • IMG 1146
    (L) US Army veteran Donn Morvai is presented a Vietnam War commemorative lapel pin by Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson.
  • IMG 1150(1)
    US Army Vietnam War veteran Harry Dugan receives a commemorative lapel pin.
  • IMG 1150
  • IMG 1151
    (L-R) US Army veteran Harry Dugan is presented a Vietnam War commemorative lapel pin and welcome home greeting by City of Franklin Mayor Ken Moore. Harry is a combat friend of James "Jim" Edmund Peay who was KIA in the Vietnam War. Harry attended with Jim Peay's three Gold Star sisters.
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