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The EC-47 Memorial Plaza 4x8 Paver w/inscriptions/


These photos of actual engraved bronze plates were taken in an outside "studio" using the same paver with your engraved bronze plate temporarily inserted. The tint of your paver in the plaza may differ from the photo color. If your paver is not in this batch, hopefully, it will be in the next upload. The next shipment is expected soon and photos will be uploaded as soon as possible after they are received.

Pavers are displayed in numerical order identical to the plaza 4x8 paver layout diagram above. Click on the "3-dot" feature in the upper right corner of your browser screen and use Find to locate pavers by name or location number shown in the captions. For the best results, be sure the show All tab on the bottom of this thumbnail gallery is selected before starting your search.    

These photos provided by Carl "Brad" Bradley, Faith in a Flash Photography, San Angelo, Texas. 

  • Henry Schmidt - Artist's Rendering - 16-12-2019
    Architect Rendering
    Henry Schmidt, San Angelo, TX
  • Pavers by color - Tom #2
    The best "true colors" of the installed pavers...Willamette (8x8 & 4x8) and Western Red (8x8). Engraved plates were photographed in a studio...not the EC-47 Memorial Plaza.
  • 001 - Don Kelly
    4x8 paver location #001
    Don Kelly
  • 002 - SSgt Ray Parker
    4x8 Paver location #002
    SSgt Ray Parker
  • 003 - Paul W Weyandt
    4x8 Paver Location #003
    Paul W Weyandt
  • 004 - The Action Crew
    4x8 paver location #004
    The Action Crew #1
  • 005 - Morse Ops - Action Crew #2
    4x8 paver location #005
    The Action Crew #2
    Nurre - Woods - Bibbs
  • 006 - Sgt Gerald w Fritz
    4x8 paver location #006
    Sgt Gerald W Fritz
  • 007 - John L Hurst, SMSgt (R)
    4x8 paver location #007
    John L Hurst, SMSgt (R)
  • 008 - SSgt Charles Leggett
    4x8 paver location #008
    SSgt Charles Leggett
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