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8 x 8 Engraver Order Form


There are 400 8x8 pavers with bronze engraving plates available to honor
living and deceased veterans of all services and dates of service.

Inscriptions may be as simple as listing the veteran’s name, branch of service, rank or title and dates of service - to adding other service-related details on the maximum seven-line circular bronze plate. Each line has a maximum character count; text, symbols and spaces all count as one character. All engraving is in UPPER CASE. Fill in the order form information for the number of lines desired. Be sure to complete the "keepsake" plate YES/NO entry appropriately. 


An emblem, logo or graphic image is allowed. Images will be centered left-to-right replacing at least three lines of text in the top, middle or bottom 3-line sections of the plate. 

Click HERE to view our online emblem catalog. (Use your browser controls to come back to this page.) Enter the catalog ID of the emblem you would like to use according to the form line instructions. If you don't find an emblem to use in our catalog, please use the file upload feature to submit a military service-related emblem, logo or graphic from your computer for review. All uploaded files and inscriptions will be checked by the paver project coordinator and engraver operator prior to final approval.