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This feature connects to the Heritage Chapter - Freedom Through Vigilance Association PayPal account. It is intended for public use to make donations to the EC-47 Memorial Plaza paver project as outlined HERE on this website. 

The Heritage Chapter is organized and operated exclusively for non-profit purposes. The Freedom Through Vigilance Association is organized under Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (19) which provides an exemption from federal income tax and was approved by a letter from the District Director, Internal Revenue Service, Dallas, Texas, dated 17 February 1984. The Heritage Chapter also exists under that authority.

An annual account report will be available upon request. A small fee may be required to cover mailing costs associated with such a report.

The EC-47 Memorial Plaza project provides an opportunity to honor and remember veterans of all services and periods of service with special tributes engraved on bronze plates installed in the plaza pavers. The primary webpage (vietnam50thcpp.com/pavers) fully explains the project and provides a fully-interactive online ordering and payment process through a separate PayPal feature. This page allows everyone interested in the plaza to make donations without naming a specific veteran. We are currently accepting donations to apply toward the purchase of individual 4x8 paver inscriptions for each of the thirty-six aircrew members killed in action while flying the EC-47 missions during the Vietnam War. Of course, we are also accepting donations to be used for general support of the EC-47 Memorial Plaza program.   

UPDATE: Y'all are so generous!

As of January 18, 2020:  EC-47 KIA Paver donations total received is $1,455. We are so close...$345 to go! Let's finish this up over this weekend! Click HERE to view the special layout/inscriptions sent to the engraver yesterday. 


We reached the $1,800 goal on Saturday evening thanks to your goodwill and generosity. An absolutely superb showing that we will highlight in our paver dedication ceremony comments. KUDOS to all y'all! 

Thank you for supporting the EC-47 Memorial Plaza project with your donations.